International Tax Accountant Toronto

Expanding your Business outside Canada?

If you are a Canadian taxpayer looking to invest outside the country, we’ll offer you all the tax planning services you need. We can help you to minimize or eliminate double taxation by making good use of foreign tax credits that you qualify for. Our international tax advisors will also highlight the tax implications of conducting business using foreign currency. We can help you identify tax incentives and save more money in the process. If you are transacting with companies overseas, we can help you to prepare all the required documentation and ensure the pricing rules and taxation guidelines are met. Our experts can even assist you in preparing proper documentation to report foreign activities in order to simplify the taxation process.

Customized to Meet your needs

Our approach is to develop international tax solutions that are customized to suit your unique needs. Whether you have a domestic or foreign business, we can present proper tax strategies that positively impact on your bottom-line. We integrate Canada and foreign tax analysis giving you the most value for your money. If you need to stay up to date with international tax developments, we will reach out to you in time to make the necessary changes and ensure you’re always in compliance. Should you need to make adjustments in your ongoing tax planning and preparation, we can offer you forward-looking strategies to save more. GTA Accounting Professional Corporation has a wealth of experience and expertise to address all your international tax needs.

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Need a reliable tax accountant in Toronto to meet the needs of your multinational company? We’ve got you. GTA Accounting Professional Corporation offers just the right solutions to have a positive impact on your bottom line. We know that keeping up with your local taxes is never easy and international tax presents a whole new challenge. Many of our clients who have international operations come to us for help to streamline their tax processes and simplify operations. We’re always happy to ensure the business is compliant with international tax rules. Using our knowledge combined with years of experience in accounting and taxation, we are able to come up with well-planned international tax solutions giving businesses huge savings.

Highly Recognized International Tax Specialists

We partner with the best international tax accountants to provide you a comprehensive service. We offer a wide range of tools and resources to give clients access to superior accounting, auditing and taxation services. Whether you’re in Canada looking to invest internationally or a foreigner with interest in the Canadian market, GTA Accounting Professional Corporation is here to help.

Investing in the Canadian Market?

If you are a foreigner who is looking to invest in Canada, we will help you to make proper investment decisions that suit your personal or business goals. We have international tax advisors who can recommend the type of entity that’s right for your needs. We will even help you to prepare the right tax forms to simplify the reporting process. We can assist with property transfers or any other documentation that involves international tax. If your business gives out dividends, we will ensure that it is distributed in a tax-efficient manner.

We are not your typical auditing firm that only performs the usual procedures without offering you solutions. We view audits as an opportunity to offer our clients great recommendations that are practical and efficient for the business. Our auditors understand that tax regulations are constantly changing and are ready to offer you the best solutions to resolve even the most complex issues. We offer free consultation to discuss your options and ensure we are in a position to offer you high quality work. Talk to us today if you need to find out more about out tax audit services.

Are You Struggling With Your Personal or Corporate Taxes?

Are You Struggling With Your Personal or Corporate Taxes?